2022 Gottstein Trust Awards opening 4th April

2022 Gottstein Trust Awards opening 4th April

25 March 2022

The Gottstein Trust’s 2022 applications round will open in April with a full suite of grant award opportunities being made available for industry people and student candidates.

“The Gottstein Trust Fund has a great track record of opening up opportunities for people to gain knowledge and use it for the good of the industry,” said chair, Suzette Weeding.

Applications open on Monday 4th April and will close on Friday 3rd June 2022.

Former award recipients are indeed the living proof of how much impact a Trust Fund grant can have. “Indeed for some people the opportunities afforded through their Gottstein Trust funding were life and career changing. Various first hand testimonials speak for themselves,” Ms Weeding said.

Three award categories will be available for applicants. The first category is for general skill building – this is a grant open for applicants who work at any level in the sector. The grant can be used to pay for training, attending a field trip or conference or some other activity which they believe will develop their skills and knowledge.

The second category is a scholarship – this is open for people pursuing a relevant qualification at either TAFE, University under-graduate or post-graduate level. Scholarship funds may be used for course or general living expenses.
One former scholarship holder is Dallas Goldspink who is TAFE NSW’s Team Leader – Forestry, at the Forestry Industry Training Centre in Tumut NSW. Having the Gottstein support while doing his Bachelor of Science (Forestry) in Canberra at ANU, meant he could fully focus on studies and field work. “I am forever grateful for the Gottstein scholarship,” said Dallas who is also executive officer of the NSW south-west slopes’ Forest Industry Advisory Council.

The third and premier award category is the Gottstein Fellowship. This grant funding is for an individual to pursue a specific project of their own choosing - which has demonstrated value for the industry. A fellowship usually involves an overseas study tour and there is an obligation to prepare and submit a comprehensive report that describes the project research and the findings. Ms Weeding pointed out that fellowship reports “are openly available for the whole industry to access free of charge – just click on Projects and Reports.”

Intending applicants are able to access the eligibility details and online application forms for this 2022 award round at Grants and Courses.

Anyone with an interest in discussing their project idea in advance of preparing an application is invited to call Helen Murray on 0419-991-424. All other enquiries can be directed to the Gottstein team.

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