Scholarship Grant Terms & Conditions


The award of a Scholarship is subject to the Scholar agreeing to be bound by terms and conditions laid down in a contract document which is signed by the Gottstein Trustees and the Scholar.

Obligations of the Gottstein Scholar

The Gottstein Scholar is required to:

  • be formally enrolled and registered in a complying area of study including a bachelor’s degree, a Graduate Diploma, Master’s Degree or PhD Program in forest science or wood science; or a relevant TAFE course that is approved by the Trust.
  • provide certified copies of academic records necessary to advise the Trust for payment purposes.
  • progress successfully through their course of study to the satisfaction of the Trustees for any second or subsequent payments of their Scholarship monies.
  • keep the Trust advised of any changes regarding enrolment and other relevant information.
  • be prepared to promote the values of the Trust including raising awareness about opportunities for potential future applicants.
  • uphold the spirit of the Gottstein legacy and participate in Gottstein events as much as possible.

Payment of Grant

The value of the grant varies taking into relevant circumstances for a candidate. There is an upper limit of $5,000 per annum. The Trust will generally pay the grant monies to the Scholar in two instalments: 50% at the successful completion of the first semester, and the remainder at the successful completion of the second semester.

Should the Scholar fail to progress through their course of study, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, then any second or subsequent payments (if these were planned) will not be made unless there are exceptional circumstances that are accepted by Trustees.

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