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Applications for Scholarships are welcome from students enrolled in a TAFE course that is relevant to the industry; and from undergraduates or postgraduate students undertaking a bachelor’s degree, graduate diploma, Masters or PhD program in wood science or forest science and related fields of study. The funds will be made available to the Scholarship holder for the purpose of meeting living, relocation and education-related expenses.

Prior to commencing completing the application online we suggest you have answers and documents in PDF to attach ready for submission as it is not possible to save this form.

Personal Details

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Mobile Phone

Where did you hear about the Gottstein Trust Scholarship Award?

Training and Employment History

Current enrolled or accepted TAFE, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Course

Although applications will be accepted from those considering studying forestry and wood science related courses, the Scholarship will only be granted to those who are accepted into formal forestry or wood science related courses.

Course Title



Status of Enrolment

Progress to Level

Outline what study or course milestones you have achieved.

Do you hold any other scholarship, stipend, or support?

Exclude supplementary work income.

Other Income

Detail any part-time or casual positions and provide approximate gross annual earnings.

Educational, professional and technical training

Provide details of secondary or tertiary education and other professional and/ or technical training including dates

Employment History

Provide details of current and previous employment
Include the name of employer, dates employed, positions and duties.

Current Employer

May we communicate with your present employer about this application?

Current Institution Contact

If you are already studying may we communicate with the institution you in which you are enrolled about this application?

Amount Requested

The scholarship provides annual funds of up to $5,000 to each successful applicant for either one, two up to a maximum of three years. Payments are granted subject to ongoing demonstration of appropriate progression of study and achievements.

Upload Recommendation Letter

Provide a letter of recommendation from a person of your choice. Trustees seek to learn more about your character, capacity and ambition.
PDF, max file size 4MB.

Upload Curriculum Vitae

Please include at least two referees: including name, position held, and business contact phone and email addresses
At least one referee must be associated with the wood products and forest industries in Australia.
PDF, max file size 4MB.

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