Fellowship FAQ

When can I apply and when do applications for Fellowships and Skill Development Grants close?

2024 Applications are open from Monday 5th August to Friday 4th October. Late applications will not be accepted.

When can I take up my Fellowship or Skill Development Grant and for how long?

Fellowships and Skill Development grants are traditionally taken up not later than the year following the close of applications and are usually for an intense period of 3 to 6 weeks or more in the case of a Fellowship project. Longer periods can be undertaken, but normally this requires co-funding and/or additional backing of the Fellow’s employer.

Can I put in a late application?

Late applications are usually not able to be accepted for consideration. However, in certain circumstances the Trust may be able to accommodate a special circumstances request.

Can I use my Fellowship or Skill Development Grant to help gain a tertiary education qualification?

Fellowships and Skill Development grants are available to people currently employed in the Australian forest and forest products industries, including the associated institutes, and are not available to full time students. Students may be eligible to apply for a Gottstein Trust scholarship.

Can I apply from overseas?

Applicants must currently be employed in the Australian forest and forest products industries and so grants are not available to overseas applicants.

How much are Skill Development Grants and Fellowships worth?

There is no specific amount of money provided. A budget must be submitted with the application. As a guide the grant amount given will generally cover airfares, a modest living allowance and any course or conference fees approved.

Will you tell me where to go and what to do to complete my Fellowship or Skill Development Grant project?

Where you go and what you do is your responsibility – the project and itinerary must be completed on the application form prior to submission. The Trustees may suggest modifications to your proposal prior to approval. Once approved you are committed to that program of activities under a signed contract. In the extremely rare case of an individual failing to honour the mutually agreed project commitments – the individual is required to return all monies received by them from the Trust Fund.

Is there an age limit for applicants?

There is no age limit for the Gottstein Fellowships and Skill Development Grants, although they are generally most suited to applicants in the earlier or mid-stages of their careers.

Do I need a firm commitment from people I wish to visit?

Not on initial application, but that is required to be organised and finalised before signing of contracts for the grant monies.

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