Thank you to all donors

We appreciate the support of every donor and encourage them to become involved with Trust activities.

The Trust can foster opportunities for people to gain valuable knowledge and networks through the grants made every year because of the support of regular annual donations from companies and individuals.

Benefits of donating

We invite prospective donors to consider adding your support.

You will play an active role in helping the development of the ultimate renewable forest products industry.

Patron and sponsor donors receive good discounts for the popular annual Gottstein courses which alternate each year between the topics of Understanding Wood Science and Understanding Forest Science.

Donors are kept up to date with the Trust’s activities and about new Gottstein Fellowship reports published on the website.

Becoming a donor

The Trust strives to expand the group of regular annual donors. Of course if becoming a regular donor is not feasible there is the option of making a ‘one off’ or intermittent donation of any amount.

There are three regular donor categories:

  • Patron donors: provide an annual donation of $3,000
  • Sponsor donors: provide an annual donation range between $2,000 and $1,500
  • Supporter donors: provide an annual donation of $500.

Other donors:

  • donations of any amounts are welcomed
  • bequests (giving a future donation through a provision made in your will) may be made
  • donation of real property may also be made - please contact the management team or the chair of Trustees to discuss this

For more information, contact the Gottstein Management Team at

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