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Applications for Fellowships are welcome from individuals any area of the wood products and forest industries, including forestry, architecture and design, manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing and IT, among others.

Please view our FAQ Page for answers to commonly asked questions.

Prior to commencing completing the application online we suggest you have answers and documents in PDF to attach ready for submission as it is not possible to save this form.

Personal Details

First Name

Middle Name



Place of Birth

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)








Mobile Phone

Where did you hear about the Gottstein Trust Fellowship Award?

Training and Employment History

Educational, professional and technical training

Provide details of secondary or tertiary education and other forms of training including dates

Grants, fellowships, cadetships and prizes

List any grants, fellowships, cadetships and prizes held and year awarded.

Employment History

Provide details of current and previous employment in the last ten years.
Include the name of your employer, dates employed, positions and duties.

Current Employer

May we communicate with your present employer about this application?

Upload Cover Letter

Demonstrate your motivation and commitment to the industry.
PDF, max file size 4MB.

Upload Curriculum Vitae

Please include at least two referees: including name, position held, and business contact phone and email addresses
At least one referee must be associated with the wood products and forest industries in Australia.
PDF, max file size 4MB.

Project Details and Study Plan

Project Title

Project Background

Industry need and value

Why is there an industry need to do this project and what is its value to the industry (include dollar values where appropriate).

Project Plan and activities

Explain what is entailed to carry out your project.


How does this project fit in with your current work activities and how it will assist your career development.


What people, companies and organisations do you expect to be involved in your project and in what way.

Proposed Itinerary

Provide details on where you plan to go and what and who you intend to see.

Travel Timing

Outline when you plan to go and for what duration.


Outline the ways you commit to communicate the outcomes of your project to the broader industry.

Post Fellowship

Outline the expected post fellowship benefits to yourself and the wider Australian wood products and forestry Industry.

Total Project Cost

Amount requested from the Trust


Provide details of any co-funding other sources, if so what amount and is the commitment confirmed.

Upload Budget

Include estimates of costs with as much detail as possible (such as travel, accommodation, materials, other) and what proportion of the costs you request from the Gottstein Trust and from other sources (such as your own or an employer contribution). The Trustees have discretion to either fund part or all estimated costs.
PDF, max file size 4MB.

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