Skills Development Grant Application

The Gottstein Skill Development Grant is aimed to promote professional development for individuals in the industry.

The Award is a monetary grant provided to applicants at any level, who can demonstrate how this support would improve their professional skills and advance their career prospects.

Please view our FAQ Page for answers to commonly asked questions.

Prior to commencing completing the application online we suggest you have answers and documents in PDF to attach for submission ready as it is not possible to save this form.

Personal Details

First Name










Mobile Phone

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

Where did you hear about the Gottstein Trust Skill Development Award?

Training and Employment History

Educational, professional and technical training

Provide details of secondary or tertiary education (if applicable) and other forms of professional and technical training including dates.

Workplace Achievements

If applicable, detail any special achievements you have received in your workplace or industry, including year.

Employment History

Provide details of current and previous employment.
Include the name of your employer, dates employed, positions and duties.

May we communicate with your present employer about this application?


Please include at least two referees: include name, position held, and business contact phone and email addresses.
At least one must be associated with the wood products and forest industries in Australia.

Skill Development Details and Budget


Reason for Activity

Cover why you want to undertake the activity and how it would benefit your career by gaining a new skill and/or knowledge.

Does the activity involve travel?

Total Cost

This may be more than you are requesting from the Trust Fund if you, your employer or other sponsor are also contributing to the cost of your project.

Amount requested from Gottstein Trust

This should be based on a prepared costing which may be included. Trustees may request to see the costs for clarification if your application is shortlisted.

Upload Cover Letter

Demonstrate your motivation and commitment to the industry.
PDF, max file size 4MB.

Upload Employer’s letter of recommendation

PDF, max file size 4MB.

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