Skills Development Grant

To promote personal career development for individuals in the industry, the Gottstein Trust created a ‘Skill Advancement Award’ in 1998. Since renamed, the Award is a practical and straight forward monetary grant that can be for applicants at any level. They need to demonstrate how this support would improve their professional skills and advance their career prospects.

The Award is different from a Fellowship as it covers a wider breadth of job categories and types of experience. In fact – it is open to everyone in the forest and wood products value chain. To be considered you must demonstrate how your job performance or future career would benefit from the chance to develop skills through training or a project you have in mind, or for example attending a seminar or conference.

These grants do not usually involve overseas travel. A simple report is all that’s required after you have completed the agreed activity. This contrasts with a fellowship report – these are expected to be extensive and able to be applied to the wider industry.

The Trust was pleased to reopen for new applications during 2021, after 2020 was COVID-19 disrupted. The next round will be held in 2022.


Applicants are selected based on the relevance of the chosen project. There are no formal or tertiary educational requirements, although a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s employer is desirable.

Applications are considered by the Trustees and shortlisted applicants are then interviewed.

All applicants are advised of the outcome as soon as the review process is completed. In the 2021 round completion is expected to be by the end of July.

Contact the Gottstein Trust for more information.

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