What We Do

Investing in people and the pursuit of excellence

The Gottstein Trust is the national educational trust of Australia’s ultimate renewable industry – wood products grown in forests and plantations.

Purpose – the Trust creates opportunities for people to acquire knowledge that will promote the interests of the Australian industries that grow and use sustainably grown forest resources. The purpose flows across the value chain and includes the manufacture of sawn timber, plywood, composite wood, pulp and paper, and other wood-derived products.

Through its annual granting of Scholarships, Fellowship and Skills Development grants, the Trust provides financial assistance for individuals right across the breadth of the forest products industry. This is specifically for the purpose of supporting them to gain knowledge and build their skills and networks in ways that also advance the industry.

Our key results

Every one of our flagship activities has enabled people to pursue learning opportunities that can benefit their careers and benefit our industry.

Total grants made of $1.4m.

189 people have been awarded grants and completed their projects or studies.

151 Gottstein fellowship alumni - many are industry and research leaders.

13 scholarships awarded since these started in 2010 to help university scholars ranging from undergraduate to PhD level.

14 grants enabled people to do internships at the World Forestry Institute.

19 grants to people for various other types of skill development.

Hundreds of people have attended the well respected annual courses in Wood Science and Forest Science since these began in the 1990’s.

It’s clear to see the positive impact of the Trust. It’s given people in our industry new networking and learning opportunities. All these people have contributed to the evolution of our industry.

Findings are made public

To promote the development of the forest products industry, the Trust disseminates the findings made from our flagship fellowship grants. Each fellow presents a written report at the conclusion of their fellowship project. The intention is that the report will contain information that is valuable for the advancement of the industry. These are available from our website.

One of the Trust’s flagship activities is its annual Gottstein Trust course. The topic of the course rotates in a two-year cycle between Understanding Wood Science and Understanding Forest Science courses.

The Joseph William Gottstein Memorial Trust Fund also undertakes an annual industry funding appeal to generate income that is invested in the fellowships, scholarships and skill development grants. Many companies and some thoughtful individuals are valued donors to the Trust.

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