The Relationship in Sweden between Forestry and Woodcraft EducationThe Relationship in Sweden between Forestry and Woodcraft Education

Evan Dunstone - 2023

Swedish forestry is a big employer and an important source of export revenue for the nation. It is focused firmly on the construction industry, with up to 90% of Swedish forests consisting of either spruce or pine. Forestry and the associated industries constitute as much as 20% of Sweden’s total economy.

Woodwork in Sweden is a highly respected craft with a long tradition. Sweden has three premier centres of woodcraft training: Stenebyskolan, Malmstens and Capellagården. All three schools are state owned and offer world-class facilities and tuition. In addition to these three schools is HDK Valand in Gothenburg.

The Swedish furniture and wood craft industry does not rely on Swedish timbers. Despite efforts to link forestry with furniture production, the primary species of spruce and pine are not good furniture timbers

The fact that there’s not a mature high-end Australian furniture industry exporting to the world market is due to a lack of training, vision, and investment, not due to a paucity of access to unique timber.


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