Log Harvesting Operations in New South Wales and TasmaniaLog Harvesting Operations in New South Wales and Tasmania

Terry Mumford - 2000

Native forest harvesting operations in Coffs Harbour, NSW, and Geeveston, Tasmania, were investigated, with the objective of comparing practices at those sites with those carried out in Central Gippsland, Victoria.

The harvesting machinery was generally similar to that used in Victoria, with the exception of the Unicon processing head attachment for an excavator that was operating in NSW. This system provides an effective method for stripping bark from the trees, allowing the waste product to remain in the forest rather than on the log landings.

Roading construction in NSW and Tasmania were different from that practised in Victoria, through the use of culverts and cording and matting.

Although rainfall in Victoria is lower than that in NSW and Tasmania, the logging season is shorter.

It is recommended that steps be taken to improve roading construction methods in Victoria, so that the logging season might be extended.

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