Strategic partnership to assist new engineers

The Gottstein Trust has partnered with Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) to support up to 6 young engineers to attend the World Congress on Timber Engineering in Canada in August 2014.

This exciting initiative will enable engineers with less than 5 years experience and who are working for companies that are both members of the FWPA and Patrons of the Gottstein Trust attend the Congress and be up to date with the latest thinking on timber engineering world wide.

This activity will complement another FWPA program that supports Australian engineering students to attend the World Congress on Timber Engineering and is also consistent with the results of the recent industry survey undertaken by the Gottstein Trust to encourage more focussed study tours and market development activities.

Recently graduated engineers who fulfil the criteria of being employed by a company that is a Patron of the Gottstein Trust and a member of FWPA are encouraged to contact the Gottstein Trust for further information – contact the Gottstein Trust