2020 Course moved to 2021

The trustees of the JW Gottstein Memorial Trust Fund have decided to move the Understanding Wood Science course to April 2021 (updated from March 2021) in light of the COVID19 pandemic.

Participants and the wonderful line-up of guest presenters and field trip venues will  be contacted by the Gottstein team this week to inform them of the change.

 “We assure those people looking forward to the course – that their bookings are able to transfer across to 2021 and their places are assured,”  said John Simon, chair of Trustees.

“The Trustees sincerely appreciate the support of Gottstein patron donors like Sustainable Timber Tasmania, HVP, Timberlink, Wespine and Forico who all have staff booked in. A stand-out is the great support for young people – with sponsored places provided by the Steve Stevenson Memorial Trust Fund, the Institute of Foresters’ of Australia and Midway.  All of the sponsored places will be transferred to 2021, although it is possible some individuals may not be able to take their places. 

The Trust’s management team, Kurrumbene Projects & Advocacy, will prioritise working through these changes with all involved in the coming days. Any queries can be made to Helen Murray on 0419-991-424.

“The delivery of a Gottstein course is a truly collective effort. Amid the present uncertainty and gloom we especially wish to publicly thank all the speakers and the operations who were very kindly hosting the course for field trips visits; and Professor Peter Kanowski, Associate Professor Cris Brack and Senior Lecturer Dr Matt Brookhouse for all they have done in our course delivery partnership with the ANU Fenner School.”

John Simon also advised the resignation of Jason Wilson as Trustee, “on behalf of all the Trustees I thank Jason for his commitment to the Trust over the last few years and wish him every success in his new role in New Zealand”. At present the Trustees are John Simon, Suzette Weeding, Nils Gunnersen, Brian Farmer, James Malone and Carlie Porteous.