2019 Gottstein Fellowships, Scholarships and Award applications

Are you part of the Australian forest and wood products industry?

Every year the Gottstein Trust invites applications for its fellowships, scholarships and industry awards which focus on the acquisiton of knowledge and skills, in order to benefit individuals, their employers and the forest and wood industry as a whole.

Applications for the 2019 Gottstein Fellowships, Industry Awards and Gottstein Scholarships, close next month on the 21st of September 2018.

Proposals are welcome from any area of the forest industries, including forestry, manufacturing, sales, marketing and IT among others. Candidates are selected on the value of the project for the community or industry as well as their ability to carry out the desired project and disseminate the information as required. Candidates for the Scholarship are selected on their commitment to the industry as well as on their academic performance.

For further information about the fellowships, please visit: https://gottsteintrust.org/fellowships/gottsten-fellowship/
For information about the industry awards, please visit: https://gottsteintrust.org/fellowships/awards/
For information about the Scholarships: https://gottsteintrust.org/fe…/forest-industry-scholarships/
Any further queries can be addressed to the #GottsteinTrust secretary: gottsteinsecretary@gmail.com