2019 Forest Science Course opportunity

                                                                                        6th February 2019 



The 2019 Forest Science ‘crash course’ still has room for bookings but people need to move fast.

There is some room left and the next chance is in 2021. If anyone is thinking about it – they are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity now, according to Kurrumbene Projects & Advocacy which now manages the Gottstein Trust secretariat.

The Trust is very appreciative of the support of experts in their fields who willingly give their time to come and talk about the myriad of interesting aspects of forest science and also economic and market insights. 

The influence of new technology and what that means for managing forests will also be apparent. The participants can look forward to covering a wide canvas of topics in the course. Many experts will be presenting including Professor Peter Kanowski and Associate Professor Cris Bracks from the ANU Fenner School, Rob de Fegely – Chair of the Forest Industries Advisory Council, the chief executives of the Australian Forest Products Association, Responsible Wood and FSC Australia, Dr Angus Carnegie from NSW DPI and Gottstein Trustee Suzette Weeding, a senior executive with Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

A one-day field trip to Bombala in the south/east NSW Monaro region features a site inspection over Dongwha Timbers’ softwood mill which opened in 2013 and touring out with the regional ForestCorp team to inspect a working forest harvest site.

It promises to be a happy evening at the final night course dinner. Gottstein Trustees John Simon (Chair) and Suzette Weeding will join the group along with some Gottstein Fellowship alumni and a newly minted Fellow who soon embarks on his overseas study tour. “This is a chance to hear first-hand about the impact that the Fellowships have in building professional knowledge and the positive impacts carried into our wonderful, renewable industry.”

Bookings can still be made online until 14thFebruary unless booked out sooner at

www.forestry.org.au/events    Email enquiries gottsteinsecretary@gmail.comor phone Jocelyn Carpenter 0407-006-101 or follow links at www.gottsteintrust.org

The Gottstein Trust thanks the Institute of Foresters of Australia for access to its event booking site during the management transition and the ANU Fenner School of Environmental & Society for hosting the course venue.