Industry Award General Terms and Conditions


All Gottstein Trust awards require the award holder to commit to a written contact with the Gottstein Memorial Trust Fund.

This means the are binding terms and conditions laid down in a contract document which is signed by the two parties. Award holders are expected to keep the Trustees advised of any impediments affecting their project should they arise.

Obligations of the Gottstein Award Holder

The individual is required to:

  • conduct the agreed activity within agreed time period;
  • within three months from the end of the activity (or further period allowed by the Trustees) submit a written report that describes the scope of the activity or project and outline how that has benefitted their skills and helped their career within the wood  products and forestry industry in Australia;
  • proactively communicate the project findings through channels which are available to them (for example if they attended a conference to share learnings with others at their workplace and networks);
  • be prepared to promote the values of the Trust including raising awareness about opportunities for potential future applicants;
  • uphold the spirit of the Gottstein legacy and participate in future Gottstein events where possible.

Payment of Grant

The Trustees will pay to the Award holder funds amounting to 90% of the grant by an agreed date and will pay the remaining 10% of the grant within 30 days of the date of submission of a report to the Trustees.

The Trustees accept no financial responsibility for any expenses incurred by an Award holder which exceed the allowances granted or for any expenses whatsoever if the Award holder is in breach of the mutually agreed contract activities.

Should the Award holder breach the agreement or submit a report to the Trustees which is not of a fair and reasonable standard then the Award holder may be required to repay part or all the monies paid to him or her.

The Trustees have the right to publish the report on the Gottstein Trust website and other publication of their choosing.