WFI Intern Travel Assistance

The Trust will support the travel expenses of a single candidate each year to attend the World Forest Institute (WFI) based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Should more than one candidate be interested in any one year a competitive selection process will be undertaken to select the successful candidate.The WFI Fellowship Program is aimed at developing the contacts and skills necessary to advance the professional careers of its participants. It does this by bringing together Fellows from a number of countries in a worldwide information exchange program. The successful candidate is provided with a return airfare to the USA, and other establishment funding. The experienced scientists from the World Forest Institute in Portland will then guide the Fellow, assisting them to conduct their research projects and write their reports.

Application Process


Proposals are welcome from any area of the forest industries and candidates are selected based on the relevance of the project as well as their previous experience and commitment to the industry. To be eligible for a WFI Fellowship applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Be an Australian permanent resident;
  2. Be proficient in the English language;
  3. Have a Bachelor’s degree in forestry or forest products or its equivalent and preferably two years’ post-graduate experience.


Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to the fields of forestry or the forest products industry through academic and professional achievements and career goals. They should also be excellent communicators with the ability to write clear reports. Applicants should provide the following papers to apply for WFI Intern Travel Assistance:

  1. Covering letter demonstrating abilities and commitment to the industry and an outline of the project the applicant intends to conduct;
  2. Curriculum vitae.

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Closing Date

Applications for WFI Intern Travel Assistance are processed a year in advance, to give time for fellows to prepare for the overseas travel. Generally applications for the travel assistance are expected in June of the year preceding the intern year at WFI.

Contact the Gottstein Trust for more information.