General Terms and Conditions


The award of a Gottstein Fellowship is subject the Fellow agreeing to be bound by terms and conditions laid down in a contract document signed between the Gottstein Trust and the Fellow.

Obligation of the Gottstein Fellow

The Gottstein Fellow is required to:

  • conduct a research program within a prescribed period as agreed by the Trustees;
  • provide to the Trustees within three months from the end of the research period or within such further period allowed by the Trustees a detailed draft written report which shall describe the scope of the research, the results of the research, the organisations visited by, and particulars of projects or processes investigated by the Fellow, and any findings which the Fellow considers to be for the future benefit of the forest products industry in Australia;
  • submit, if requested by the Trustees, the draft report to a Referee with expertise in the field of the research for review, and make such changes or revisions to the draft report, in consultation with the Referee, as the Fellow may consider appropriate;
  • re-submit the report to the Trustees within two months of the receipt by the Fellow of the comments of the Referee;
  • participate in seminars of similar activities within Australia to disseminate information contained in the final report upon the request of the Trustees.

Payment of Grant

The Trustees will pay to the Gottstein Fellow funds amounting to 90% of the grant by an agreed date and will pay the remaining 10% of the grant within 30 days of the date of submission of the final report to the Trustees.

The Trustees accept no financial responsibility for any expenses incurred by a Fellow that are in excess of the allowances granted.

Should the Fellow breach any provision of the agreement or submit a final report which, in the opinion of the Trustees, does not provide a substantial improvement in general understanding of the field of learning which was the subject of the research, then the Fellow is required to repay the monies paid to him or her by the Trustees within six months of the end of the research period.

Rights in Research

The Gottstein Fellow assigns to the Trustees copyright in the report and in any other work produced by the Fellow in undertaking the research.

The Trustees have the right to publish the final report in a publication to be issued by or chosen by the Trustees.