Gottstein Industry Awards

To further promote personal development, the Gottstein Trust created its Skill Advancement Award in 1998. The Award is a monetary grant that is provided to applicants at any level, who can demonstrate how this support would improve their professional skills and advance their career prospects.

The Award is different from a Fellowship in that it generally covers a lower level of training and it does not usually involve overseas travel. In addition, the report is not required to be as comprehensive as that for a Fellow.

Application Process


Applicants are selected based on the relevance of the chosen project. There are no formal or tertiary educational requirements, although a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s employer is desirable.

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Candidates should provide the following papers to apply for an Award:

  1. Completed application form;
  2. Covering letter demonstrating abilities and commitment to the industry and level of study that the applicant intends to enrol in;
  3. Employer’s recommendation letter.

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Closing Date

Applications are called for in July each year, and close on a date specified each year in mid-September.  For 2018 Industry Award applications the closing date is 25 September 2017.  Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Please be mindfull that the 25th of September is a holiday in the ACT and as such the office will be CLOSED. Send any queries to


Applications for each category will be considered by the Trustees and applicants will be selected for interview during October after applications close.

Contact the Gottstein Trust for more information.