Fellowships and awards

The Gottstein Trust has created Fellowship and Award programs to enable people working in the forestry and forest products industries to acquire knowledge and skills, in order to benefit individuals, their employers and the industry as a whole.

The Gottstein Trust has four types of funding programs that are granted to industry professionals and students each year; the Gottstein Fellowship, the Gottstein Industry Skill Award and the Gottstein Forest Industry Scholarship.

Proposals are welcome from any area of the forest and wood products industries, including forestry, architecture and design, manufacturing, sales, marketing and IT among others. Candidates are selected on the value of the project for the community or industry as well as their ability to carry out the desired project and disseminate the information as required.

It is important however that applicants are aware that the Trust places a great focus on the completion and dissemination of the information obtained during their tenure.

The Gottstein Trust also offers a funding program each year, the Gottstein Forest Industry Scholarship, for undergraduate or postgraduate students studying approved courses in forestry, forest science or wood science. The funds will be made to the Scholarship holder for the purpose of meeting living, relocation and education-related expenses.

The Trust will determine the award of a Scholarship based on criteria that may vary, but will remain consistent with its key principle to promote the development of the Australian forest products industry. Candidates for the Scholarship are selected on their commitment to the industry as well as on their academic performance.

The level of commitment

Successful applicants for Fellowships and Awards are obliged to conduct the agreed research and provide to the Trustees a detailed written draft of the report. This is required within three months of the end of their research period, or at a date determined by the Trustees.

The content of the draft should describe the scope of the research, the outcomes of the research, the organisations visited and the details of projects or processes researched by the Fellow. Findings or recommendations, which the Fellow considers to be of future benefit to the forest products industry, should also be included.

A suitably qualified examiner will review the draft report and Fellows are expected to revise their report in the light of the examiner’s recommendations. The final report is then to be resubmitted within two months of the receipt of the examiner’s comments.

Successful applicants for Scholarships are required to be formally enrolled and registered in a complying area of study, or may concurrently apply for a Scholarship and entry to a course, with the Scholarship being awarded only if the course application is successful.