What the Gottstein Trust does

Through Fellowship and Award programs, the Gottstein Trust provides financial assistance for successful applicants in many areas across  the forest products industry and helps them advance in their professional fields.

To promote the development of the forest products industry as a whole, the Trust disseminates Fellows’ findings through reports that are published regularly, and organises seminars and short wood and forest science courses for industry professionals.

The Joseph William Gottstein Memorial Trust Fund also undertakes an annual appeals to generate income for the Fellowship and Award programs.

Gottstein Trust’s Mission

The mission of the Trust is to create opportunities for people to acquire knowledge that will promote the interests of Australian industries that use forest resources for the manufacture of sawn timber, plywood, composite wood, pulp and paper, and other wood-derived products.

Gottstein Trust’s History

Bill Gottstein was a forest products research scientist working for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), when he was tragically killed in 1971 while photographing a tree-felling operation in New Guinea.

He was held in such high esteem by the industry that an educational fund was promptly created to perpetuate his name.

The Gottstein Memorial Trust Fund has since assisted in the funding of more than 100 Fellows. Amongst these Fellows are some of the most prominent executives in the industry today.

The Gottstein Trust envisages the further development of the forest products industry through constant improvement and the pursuit of excellence in people, processes and products.


Up to eight Trustees administer the Trust Fund. These individuals currently hold senior positions in the Australian forest products industry. They donate their time and the expense involved in attending meetings as their contribution towards achieving the objectives of the Trust.

The current trustees are:

Nils Gunnersen (immediate past chair, Victoria)

Brian Farmer (Queensland)

James Malone (Western Australia)

Suzette Wedding (Tasmania)

Jason Wilson (Victoria)

John Simon           (chair, NSW)

Carlie Porteous (Queensland)